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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


We would like to introduce you to an immensely valuable project being undertaken by a small voluntary team led by Bhai Manmohan Singh ji.



As you know, Bhai Sahib ji has been serving the Bay Area Sikh community for the last 20 years, particularly the sangat of South Bay, by teaching Kirtan classes and performing Kirtan in the Gurdwara and private homes. Hundreds of children have successfully learnt kirtan from Bhai Sahib ji and thus have become attached to Gurbani.


We are now attempting to take Bhai Sahib ji's laudable work and method of teaching to the next level by creating a unique product which will include a "Learn Kirtan Series" instructional DVD, a book of basic exercises and 10 shabads with transliteration, and an accompanying audio CD. The step by step self learning instruction book provides keyboard and sargam introduction, and for each shabad, the musical notation and transliteration with notes to guide playing.


The instructional DVD will be approximately 60 minutes long, which will provide visual instructions to the viewer on the specific keys and commands to use while playing the harmonium or vaja, with sub-titles on the screen, an example can be viewed at the following link:


DVD Project


The audio CD has the same content as the DVD, but is meant as an additional tool to memorize and appreciate the instructions, while one is for example driving or running errands, away from the television screen. Those that have tried a sampling of these three tools combined, having no or very limited prior knowledge or experience with kirtan or the vaja, have claimed success in being able to do a solo shabad within minutes.


We have helped Bhai Sahib ji in calculations and budgeting, and are estimating a total cost of $26,000 for producing 2500 copies of this product.


2500 copies would be created as professionally packaged sets of the DVD, book and CD.   This cost includes renting a professional recording studio, duplication, designing of the cover, printing of the book, packaging and other miscellaneous expenses. The products would be sold at $25/set through a website as well as other marketing outlets in the community.


The proceeds from sales would be used to undertake other follow on projects in the "Learn Kirtan Series". Each family that makes a donation of $500 and above will receive 4 sets free of cost, for distribution to friends and family. Also, we would like to acknowledge all contributions. Checks can be made out to "Chardi Kalaa" to qualify as a charitable donation, and given to any of the volunteers below.


Bhai Sahib ji has been serving our families for the last 20 years. We believe that the above product with the latest technology and professional quality used, has the capacity to take his talent and voice to a much greater level.


We look forward to your support and commitment in accomplishing this project.


 If you have any questions, need additional information, or would like to join the volunteer committee, please contact any of the following:


Simran Kaur:  (408) 590-4278

Rob & Amrit:  (650) 903-0506

Prameet & Kamal:  (408) 464-1320


Vikram Singh:  (408) 382-1454

Gurpreet & Jasleen:  (408) 621-5545


Chintan & Simleen: (408) 771-6257


Sponsers Endorsement

"Learn Kirtan Series " instructional DVD along with an instructional book and CD  is an excellent idea. We  whole heartedly support it. We also request the other Gursikh families to support it.

The Academy needs your Support


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

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