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isDu hovw isiD lweI iriD AwKw Awau ]
gupqu prgtu hoie bYsw loku rwKY Bwau ]mqu dyiK BUlw vIsrY qyrw iciq n AwvY nwau ]3]

Becoming a man of occult power, were I to work miracles and command and summon wealth:
were I to become apparent and non apparent at will, and thereby people may have regard for me:
May it not be that on beholding them I may go amiss, forget Thee and remember not Thy name.
(Sri Rag M.1P. 14) 


Vikram Singh Khalsa Magician Extraordinaire



Jaadugar - review

hir hwru kMiT ijnI pihirAw gur crxI icqu lwie ]
iqnw ipCY iriD isiD iPrY Enw iqlu n qmwie ]4]
Wearing  the Necklace of the Lord they focus their consciousness on the Guru's Feet
Wealth and supernatural spiritual powers follow them, but they not care not a sesame for such things.

rwmklI mhlw 5 ]
koit jwp qwp ibsRwm ]
iriD buiD isiD sur igAwn ]
Aink rUp rMg Bog rsY ]
gurmuiK nwmu inmK irdY vsY ]1]

Millions of adorations, austerities, secular powers, wisdom, miracles and angelic insights, dwell in him, secular powers, wisdom, miracles and angelic insights, and he enjoys various spectacles, revelments and delicacies,  within whose mind, by Guru's grace, the Name abides even for a moment.
(Ramkali M. 5.P 890)



goibMd goibMdyiq jip nr skl isiD pdM ]
O man, meditate thou on God the World-Lord, who is the seat of all the miracles.
( Gujri Jaidev P. 526 )


vikx majik trikx

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Dharam Khand Sikh Academy

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